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Patient information

  • Name: Nsabimana Oda
  • Disease: Breast Cancer, Hypertension, and Diabetes
  • Contact: 0788484332

I am Nsabimana Oda from Kicukiro in Kigali City and have lived with Breast Cancer for 17 years. I also live with Diabetes, high blood pressure, and a skin disorder. They all cost money but it also requires a person to be always joyful. Me, I sell bricks but these days’ people do not have money, so I do not have enough clients.

Some people were not able to get medicine as they were not able to reach hospitals. Those who were unable to reach their hospital, couldn’t get medicine. Sometimes they could go but come back without medicine. They would tell them to come back another time. The medicines are not made in Rwanda. Consequently, there was a shortage of medicine since roads were closed and planes were not flying. So, the medicine could not reach the country.

A person living with Cancer needs healthy eating behaviour and variety types of food. But in those days there was poverty and sometimes markets could not open, it was really difficult to get vegetables and fruits to eat a healthy diet. It was a heavy burden on the family.

People living with cancer have to take a pill daily for five years and they have to buy them. It is very hard for them as the economy has been affected. If possible, there can be advocacy for those people to get facilitated during those 5 years especially the ones using community health-based insurance.