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Patient information

  • Name: Faustin Batumanyeho
  • Disease: Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Contact: 0780238996

I am Faustin Batumanyeho, a 32 years old man and farmer who lives in Nyagatare district, Eastern Province. I have been living with cardiovascular diseases since 2019.

There were challenges because of the lockdown. When I went to Nyagatare Hospital from home, they stopped me and I missed the different appointment of taking medicine. When you are sick, you should take a balanced diet as recommended by the doctor. So, we didn’t get enough money to buy food as part-time employees. If COVID-19 cases keep rising, there might be a shortage of medicine. 

I request people to stop being indifferent to PLWNCDs especially cardiovascular diseases and start to pay much attention to them when they reach the Hospital. Unless it happens to our hospital only, they don’t give us quality or special services but instead, treat us like other patients of Malaria. Therefore, we should get specific doctors who would take care of us, not like other patients.

We would get financial support in one way or another because of the disease. We don't have enough energy like others to work to improve our standard of living. For that reason, there should be advocacy in the government so that we get financial support.