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Patient information

  • Name: Alphonsine Maniriho
  • Disease: Cardiovascular Disease
  • Contact: 0787651277


I am Alphonsine Maniriho, 39 years old woman who lives in Musanze-Rwanda and has been living with cardiovascular disease for 10 years and has had heart surgery.


One of my main challenges is that transport restrictions during lockdown were terrible experiences. It took me an hour and 30 minutes before the COVID-19 pandemic to reach Ruhengeri Hospital. However, it was challenging to travel during the pandemic because they stopped me sometimes to come back home before reaching the hospital as I had no permission,  no means of transport, and mostly walked to the hospital the whole day. This affected me badly as I missed many medical appointments and it led to blood clotting complications.


The accessibility of medicine and treatment during the pandemic was unlike compared to before the pandemic. I didn't miss the medicine before, but I did sometimes miss the medicine in the hospital pharmacy during the pandemic. Therefore, I struggled to buy the medicine from a private pharmacy or wait until the next appointment to get them at the hospital, and my dosage was reduced.


I am afraid of contracting COVID-19. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic affected my family’s economy since my husband lost his job and I was not able to afford healthy food. My disease complications increased with symptoms of high blood coagulation, chest pain, and breathing complications.


I call for the government to make flexible policies that help people living with cardiovascular diseases specifically on transport, to access medicine and treatment, enough medicine, and financial support.